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Over the last forty-seven years, we have graduated over a thousand students from our School. Currently, we offer Chinese language courses for pre-K to high school students and our students have the choice of whether to learn Chinese using simplified or traditional writing systems. A typical non-adult student attending our school will, upon graduation, have received sufficient instruction to take the Chinese Language SAT II or the AP Chinese Language and Culture exams the following academic year. However, we want to be more than a place of language instruction to our students – our goal is for them to enjoy their time with us and to view their classmates as friends, bound by a mutual desire and interest in learning Chinese.

本校提供幼稚園到高中的中文課程,並能參加大學入學前Chinese SAT II 或者 AP Chinese Language and Culture 的考試。本校隨家長學生的意願,可自由選擇繁體或簡體課本, 本校也因應社會趨向、家長要求、學生喜好,來調整課程方向、進度、難易,以期達到學習的最大效果和目的。

本校提供幼稚园到高中的中文课程,并能参加大学入学前Chinese SAT II 或者 AP Chinese Language and Culture 的考试。本校随家长学生的意愿,可自由选择繁体或简体课本, 本校也因应社会趋向、家长要求、学生喜好,来调整课程方向、进度、难易,以期达到学习的最大效果和目的。

The following curriculums are tentative, content and objectives are subject to change.

以下連結為暫定課程綱要及教學目標 /以下连结为暂定课程纲要及教学目标